Task 1


Materials and tools for a working group:

white paper sheet, office paper (same size), magnet

The teacher can start the learning situation by placing a clip on a sheet of white paper and laying it on a table. The task of the pupils is to suggest how it is possible to cause the spine to move, or that the spine falls to the ground. The goal is for pupils to devise as many ways as possible to do this. He may also enter this task as a home assignment so that pupils can already come up with thoughtful procedures. For this reason, the worksheet also shows the situation for the pupil. It is the first task of the pupils to compare their proposed procedures directly in the classroom. The teacher motivates pupils to make various suggestions by encouraging them to use different tools, devices, objects, or natural phenomena. In discussing the proposals, it is the task of the pupils to question the proposed procedures, or to refine them, so that only those that seem credible to all remain. Those practices that can be done in the classroom are tried by the pupils.

If there is no magnet movement between the proposed procedures, the teacher will suggest it, or lead the pupil by suggesting whether or not to use it to make some of the following move (and if so) items: board, fan, water, magnet, cat, light, ball.