Worksheet 1: Family photographs


Teaching aids:

  • pictures


The choice of the photos should be given to the students as homework in advance. „Please, bring photos of you and your family members (e.g. brother, sister, mother, father

Depending on what is available, everything can be brought along: Pictures of parents, siblings, (great) grandparents etc. When all students have brought along their pictures, the following instruction can be given: „Put all the pictures on the ground of the classroom and mix them up. Are you able to find out which family members belong to which student? What do you notice?“

The discussion will become fascinating if pictures of stepparents or stepsiblings are included. The teacher introduces the question: „What about similarities?“. However, one should not expect clear results.

In addition, the worksheet can be adapted to the abilities of the students. Complementary to the talking to each other they can write down what they have noticed and discussed in small groups or in class. Instead of printing the photos out they can be brought along digital. In this case the pictures can be projected at the wall and the students guess together which student the shown family member belongs to. Every student can bring along a different number of pictures.

The educational objective of the assignment is to illustrate the heredity of traits and to involve the children themselves so that they become familiar with the trait similarities and can recognize the relationship between similarity and ancestry.