Worksheet 1: Hidden object picture


Teaching aids:

Worksheet, colored pencils (see variation)


The students receive the worksheet, which contains the assignment, the hidden object picture and the table in which the answers can be entered. The teacher gives the following instruction: „Look at the picture! What is alive and what is not alive? Find five animate and five inanimate things for the following table.“ The question “What is alive and what is not alive?” should additionally be formulated verbally. If necessary, the worksheet of task 2 can be distributed at the same time.

The educational objective is to activate the children’s existing knowledge and to fill and revise the concept of life or liveliness because of the recognized living creatures in the environment.

The instruction can be varied differently, for example:

  • instead of writing down, the things can be …:
    – cut and sort
    – mark with different colors

  • written down in another language (instead of the language which has been spoken during the lesson)
  • instead of this picture… can be chosen:

    – a picture that fits better in the season (spring, christmas, . . . )
    – an image that matches with a topic the students are currently interested in
    – no picture, but different toys, which are sorted
    - no picture, but go into the nature and made your observations there

  • instead of each student alone:
    – a group of students together

Pic 87: Animate and inanimate

What is alive?What is not alive?