Task 1: A calendar


Topic: time

Level: Primary (1.–5. Graders)

Subject: national history and geography

Recommended age of pupils: 6–11 years old or older

Time allocated: 1 lessons

List of equipment needed for pairs of pupils:

A worksheet, a pencil, a calendar

Description – a brief summary:

The goal of the activity is to get acquainted with the calendar.

Description – individual sections of the lessons

Work content Time Material and equipment needed Teacher’s activity Pupils’ activity

Introduction to topic – motivation

Familiarization with the calendar 5 minutes

A worksheet, a pencil, a calendar.

The teacher tells pupils the procedure of completion the tasks.

Pupils divide themselves into pairs, they read the worksheet, ask potential questions.

Pre-laboratory preparation

Dividing pupils into groups, motivation, formulation of the target, assessment, a worksheet.

5 minutes

A worksheet, a pencil, a calendar

Divides pupils into groups, motivation, formulates the target, introduces the assessment criteria to pupils, distributes the worksheets, and supervises pupils when working.

Practical (research) activity

Completing the tasks in the worksheet.

30 minutes

The teacher supervises pupils when working. Pupils complete the worksheet.

Evaluation of lessons

Comparing the testing methods of each group – a discussion between pupils and the teacher

5 minutes

The teacher evaluates pupils’ work within the groups.

Pupils evaluate themselves and each other.