Worksheet 1: Reflection


Teaching aids:

papers and pencils for notes


The teacher poses to the whole class: “What comes to your mind concerning the topic energy? Think about/write down what comes to your mind.” Every student thinks about the topic by him-/herself first.

The aim of this task is to gather information, initially based on the previous knowledge of the children. The teacher considers all answers from the students. The answers can be very different. Weaker children generate fewer examples than stronger children. But that doesn’t matter. Instead of this, it is important to create an individual relationship to the life of the children and to activate their previous knowledge. This task is a preliminary exercise for later gathering of information based on observation or from secondary sources, such as books.

There are several ways to adapt the task to the abilities of the children. Stronger children can be instructed to collect at least three (or more) aspects. Weaker children may rather be able to solve the worksheet by working in groups of two. Depending on the ability to write, the ideas can be written down, drawn or kept in mind. In the latter case this phase should be very brief (1–2 minutes), drawings take longer.