Task 7


Materials and tools for a working group:

map of mountain area, internet

The seventh task is aimed at highlighting the fact that gravity also acts on liquids, which is manifested by various commonly observable phenomena, for example by the fact that water flows down the hill or that the water level is always horizontal. These phenomena are typical of liquids because they are liquid.

The task of the pupils is to observe the map of the selected mountain area (MaláFatra in the village of Štefanová). First, their task is to identify water resources on the map, especially streams and rivers. Pupils can help you find a map on the internet, where the display will be colorful, confirming where the streams are everywhere. Consequently, on the basis of information from the map and knowledge of the fact that gravity also acts on water should indicate where in the mountains there is a climb. Using layered rails can even determine which points (1 – 11) on the map are roughly the same height and which are lower, or above. The goal of the task is to realise that the water always flows down the shores and is due to the gravitational force. If we realize this fact, we know on the basis of the map of the terrain, which, for example, we plan to pass.