Task 3: Make a model of the solar system from the newspaper and starch.

If you want to devote more time to the production of the solar system model, it is possible to make the bodies from a newspaper and starch.

Preparation of starch: Stir one tablespoon of potato or maize starch in a bit of cold water and pour 0.5L of boiling water into the bowl while stirring. Wait at least 30 minutes before the starch has cooled down. Dilute with cold water if necessary.

Procedure of making models:

Shape small planets (approx. up to 5 cm in diameter) from paper dipped in starch. Use white paper on the top layer to make the planet easier to paint.

Make the larger planets (approx. 5 to 30 cm in diameter) by shaping a ball from dry newspaper. Soak up the top layers of paper in the starch, this way the planet will dry faster.

Make the large planets (with the diameter from approx. 30 cm) by gluing the wire frame with paper dipped in starch. By doing this, you will reduce the weight of the ball and achieve a more regular shape. Shape the skeleton from a thicker binding wire, for example, according to Fig. 5. With the help of the wire, you can also attach Saturn‘s rings made of cardboard (Fig. 6).

After a complete drying, it is suitable to paint the models of planets and the Sun in their real colours.